What’s the Code for going from Good to Great?


Going from good to great requires more than a cash investment - it requires business partners who understand what it takes to build a successful global software business and to make it happen.

Good to Great

From Good to Great

CodeCapital has the experience, expertise and network to enable companies, such as yours, achieve success. As an investment company that specializes in software companies, CodeCapital has the experience of what works and what doesn’t.


We Work with the Best

CodeCapital works with software companies that have a proven product and durable business model that operate in a market undergoing a secular shift and are looking for a business partner that can help them in their pursuit of creating value.


In Pursuit of Value

CodeCapital doesn’t just shell out cash and leave the rest to you. CodeCapital provides their investments with over 60 years of accumulated experience in the identification, creation and realization of value.

Build to Last

CodeCapital shares its strategies, best business practices, corporate development expertise, network of suppliers and insights for building earning power. By taking a long-term approach we believe, as owners, that by focusing day after day, year after year on adding durable earning power you can achieve extraordinary success without taking extraordinary risks.

  • Business Strategy

Covering a broad range of industries, CodeCapital has successful practical experience in:

  • Start-ups and enterprise businesses
  • Private and public companies
  • Local and international markets
  • Best Business Practices

CodeCapital best business practices include:

  • Corporate strategy, development and actions
  • Financial design, analysis and capital management
  • Product strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Corporate Development

CodeCapital has the necessary corporate development skills to also grow your company through corporate actions that can include:

  • Funding: strategic, acquisitive, financing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Participation in the securities markets (IPO)
  • Global Network

CodeCapital brings to its engagements a global network of resources to fast track the implementation of your growth plan. These include:

  • Customers and suppliers
  • Partners and associates
  • Investors

Our Investments

Our portfolio companies have spanned worldwide, attracting some of the largest brands in the world as customers.

Retail Tribe

CodeCapital Ready?

We’re ready to connect with companies made with the right stuff:

  • Have a proven product used by paying customers
  • Have a durable business model
  • Operate in a market undergoing a secular shift
  • Are committed to growing their business through a focus on building enduring competitive advantages
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